Tips On Using Acrylic Nail Kits

Acrylic nail is gaining popularity among women. This offers the alternative for women if they want to have beautiful nail. In the past, adding or removing acrylic nails needs a lot of time and money. For some women, this beauty service cannot be afforded easily. Nowadays, things are different. Do-it-yourself acrylic nail kits are now available to help many women.

Acrylic Nail Tips

Acrylic Nails

These acrylic nail kits are available at local beauty supply store. You can also find it in the internet. These kits are the best solution for easy and quick application. The kits consist of essential tools for acrylic nail application and useful tips. By getting this kit, you do not need to buy anything else for getting beautiful nails. Even though the tools are not branded as professional usage, these are still sturdy enough. You can use it for at least 12 to 18 months. After purchasing the kit, you just only need to buy more nails. You can get the resupply in online store or beauty supply store.

Items which you can get in acrylic nail kits are including adhesive or glue used to paste the acrylics to your own nails, the powder used to coat the nail, liquid based solution for acrylic, a brush, a pair of scissors, nails clipper, file, and buffer pads. The kits usually come with explicit instruction to apply and to remove the tips.

Acrylic Nail Ideas with Crystal

Acrylic Nail Ideas

Cute pink acrylic nail design images

Pink acrylic nail design

Tips in applying acrylic nail kits recommend you to open the acrylic nail kit and set out all contents. Choose the kit which includes acrylic solution, acrylic powder, nail tips, and sculpting brush. You need to match the nails which come with the kit with your natural nail. You can line them up so you are able to know which nail goes on which finger. By preparing the nails, you are able to access the acrylic nail easily.

If there is any nail polish left on your nail, remove it with polish remover and cotton balls. Scuff the nail surface. It needs to be done to make the surface rough. Brush any dust and wash your hands. Dry your hands. Pour acrylic solution in a bowl. Dip the brush into the solution and dip it into acrylic powder. It will form a small ball on the brush. Put the acrylic ball on the nail, exactly to the center. Use the brush to spread it. Put the nail tip and dip into the bowl of acrylic solution. Put it on the tip of your nail. Hold it in place for 15 seconds. You can repeat the steps until you have adhered all tips to your finger. Leave the nails for 15 minutes to dry. Commonly, there are some tips on drying time you need to buff the acrylic nails with cushion nail file. It will get rid of any bump left behind by acrylic solution and powder.

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Wash your hand and paint acrylic nails with chosen colors. After using the tools, you can clean the brush by rinsing it in acrylic solution. If you want to change the color, you should use non-acetone based nail polish remover. Some materials in acrylic nail kits are hazardous. Keep it away from pets and children.

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